Internet Speed Test

GodMode’s Speed Test tool checks how fast your broadband WiFi/mobile internet connection provides ping, download, upload speed for free.

Internet Speed Test is a detailed internet speed meter that tells you how fast your internet is performing. When you perform a speed test then it measures the ping, download speed, upload speed, and jitter of your internet connection. It performs all of these tests separately and then shows you a combine report of the results of these tests so you can determine how well your internet is performing.

Internet Speed Tests take only a few seconds to be checked and after you are done with one, you will be able to determine the quality of your internet connection that how fast is it performing. When you perform an internet speed test then you will be shown different metrics including Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Ping/Latency.

Download Speed

Download Speed is a metric of your internet speed test that tells you how fast the content from the internet is transferred to your computer. It is the main metric that determines the speed and performance of your internet connection that how fast is your internet network performing.

Upload Speed

Upload Speed is another important metric and as the name tells it is the speed with which you are able to upload content to the internet. It tells you how fast you are able to transfer/upload content from your PC to the Internet. It is important if you upload different things to the internet.


Ping or Latency is the delay in the time that the data takes to travel from your PC to another one on the network. It is the time that is required by a data packet to reach the destination from the source. Ping basically determines the stability of your network and it is an important metric in online gaming because the lower your ping, the stable and smooth will be your online gaming experience.