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Call up to 7 friends at once, anywhere, for free. Create and share videos on any device or platform…

6x faster performance than any phone, personalized controls, level up your android gaming on PC & Mac with BlueStacks.

LDPlayer is one of the fastest android emulator for PC to transform your computer/laptop into android gaming platform for free.

SHAREit is the fastest cross-platform app for Android, iOS, PC & Mac. Transfer video, music, files and apps from one device to another.

Auto Clicker allows to set dynamic cursor or pre-defined clicking. Set CPS or let it unlimited with single, double, triple module.

A utility tool to create bootable USB drives from bootable ISOs on Windows, Linux, ARM, DOS and UEFI.

TapTap app is a global platform to discover high-quality games for Android with an immersive community.

WhatsApp Messenger from Facebook is a free messaging, voice and video calling app for Android, Windows PC, Mac and iPhone.

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How To Activate God Mode in Windows 10, 8, & 7?

God Mode is a special feature that you can find in Windows. It is a special, secret folder that you can enable in Windows and it will let you access some of the special Windows settings and accessibility through a single interface. Through the God Mode folder, you will be able to access most of

How To Fix 0x0 0x0 Error in Windows 10?

0x0 0x0 error code in Windows 10 is a common error that indicates something on your PC is misconfigured or damaged which needs to be fixed. Most of the time, 0x0 error code is accompanied by a numerical code that further conveys the details of which particular component on your PC is causing the problem

Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

We use external devices like external hard drives in our daily life but using them requires a medium like a computer. But sometimes these devices don’t work well with particular system. If you are facing such issue then this article is here to help you. Things that might cause issues Driver issues Software issues Incompatibility


In a Windows PC its not so common to run into to random BSODs but the error WHEA Uncorrectable error can often even though there is no underlying issue with your system. As the errors are quite intricate for someone who is not as aware technically. Fixing it can be quite easy sometimes even for

WhatsApp adds new Biometric authentication layer for its Web and Desktop App

In the news today, WhatsApp announced the support for Biometric authentication for logging in to your WhatsApp desktop or web. The scans consist of biometric measures like fingerprints, face scanning and iris scanning. This will work in conjunction with the already present QR code and aims to provide better security for your WhatsApp data in

How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode?

  When windows finds some error while booting, it might show automatic repair screen or ask you to boot windows in safe mode. This safe mode is generally used to help you get windows in a very basic level without any customization or  fancy features that windows has like applications you use and files you

How To Refund A Game On Steam?

As the gaming industry adds more people in it, Steam’s popularity increases day by day as one of the largest store for games. Although other competitors have gained a significant chunk, yet Steam stays at the top. Having a vast number of games to choose from, sometimes games can turn to be less assuring than

Youtube.com/activate – Activate YouTube App on TV

In this day and age Smart TV’s and Smart TV sticks have become quiet a popular choice. As most of these smart devices are run on an OS similar to that of a phone, they support apps and have an app store present just like mobile devices. In all this Youtube is also a necessary

What is Bonjour Service and Should You Disable it?

Many Windows user report that there is an unknown application or service that is running in the background of their PC, and most of the time it is either a service which helps in running a different application or it’s a resource hungry malware of sorts. Bonjour service is sometimes thought to be the later

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage

Windows Module installer is a windows service that is used to update system components. It’s a background service which constantly searches for latest updates and ques them for installation for the user. It is this nature of the service which can become the Achilles heel for some older or low-end systems which can cause the

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Speed Test

Speed Test tool checks how fast your broadband WiFi/mobile internet connection provides ping, download, upload speed for free.

What's My IP

What's My IP Address shows your public IPv4 and IPv6 address, location, ISP, user agent, device type (OS, browser & screen size)

Hide IP

Hide Your IP to securely reroute your internet connection over secure servers across the world and browse web anonymously.

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