What’s My IP Address?

What’s My IP Address shows your public IPv4 and IPv6 address, location, ISP, user agent, device type (OS, browser & screen size)

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IP Address or Internet Protocol is a numerical value assigned to each device that is connected to a network. The main functions of the IP Addresses include location addressing and host interface identification. IP Addresses are very important when you are connected to a network and it is basically the address of your device.

With the help of your IP Address, one can easily reach to your device and it is the thing that differentiates your device from the rest of the devices connected globally.IP Address lets you communicate with other devices that are connected to the same network or internet and it also allows the location of different devices to be pinpointed.

There are two main versions of IP Addresses, IPv4 and IPv6. The most common IP Version is IPv4 but the IPv6 is slowly rolling out to devices.

Your Public IPv4 is the IP Address that you would find most commonly. Whenever you search somewhere for your IP Address then you will be shown your public IPv4 address or the IP Address of your device.

IPv6 is the newer type of IP Address that is slowly rolling out. You won’t find your IPv6 address easily because it is not common and also not assigned to every device. It is a 128-bit address and consists of digits and alphabets.

Local IP Address is the address that is used for the identification of the devices connected to the same router. Local IP Address is available only on the Local Area Network and it is used to distinguish between devices that are connected to the same local network. Different devices can be distinguished from each other on a local network on the basis of their local IP Address.

IP Location is the geographical location of your device. The geo location may not be correct all the times and show city at best or where the ISP is located.

User-Agent tells every website that you visit about your browser, any installed software, your operating system, etc.

ISP or Internet Service Provider is basically the company or provider that is providing you the internet services.

OS is the Operating System of your device from which you are finding your IP Address.

Browser is the Web Browser that you are using to find your IP Address.

Screen Size is the resolution and dimensions of the device that you are using.