SHAREit is the fastest cross-platform app for Android, iOS, PC & Mac. SHAREit allows you to transfer video, music, files and apps from one device to another.

Developer:SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd
OS:Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, MacOS
Category:Utilities & Tools
User rating
4.2/5 - (892 votes)

SHAREit has been downloaded by more than 500 million users, and has changed the way we transfer files. Initially launched in the year of 2013, SHAREit app has now become immensely popular across all platforms.

SHAREit is a file-sharing platform that is designed to make file-sharing between different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS easy and hassle-free. Whether it is an installed app or a music file or a video or any other file, you can instantly share all sorts of files and installed apps with the help of SHAREit that makes the file transfer much more smooth, easier, and hassle-free.

Instead of trying out old file-transfer method which can take a lot of time for huge files, SHAREit uses the all new technology that makes file transfers much more simpler and easier. You can share even share huge files with file size in GBs as there is no size limit and all of this will be done in no time as the file transfer process is so speedy.

What makes SHAREit different and better than other file sharing apps and platforms out there is that SHAREit is available across all of the major file sharing platforms. This includes Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. If you are on any one of these platforms then you can share files and apps across these platforms without any issue with the help of SHAREit that makes the file transfer process much more simpler and easier.