Hide My IP Address

It is important that you always maintain your privacy when using the internet because your privacy is a thing that can be taken for granted. When you use the internet and visit any website then your public IP address is shown and this IP address can be used to find information regarding your device such as the location of your device, your ISP, your device information, etc. It can also be used to track what websites you visit while using the internet and no one wants to share these readily because once your IP address is visible, everything regarding your device can be determined.

Some people may say that they aren’t doing anything illegal so why should they hide their IP address? Well, it is not about being legal or illegal but it is about preserving your privacy. You may be doing whatever you want on the internet but you don’t want to be tracked by anyone else on the internet so, it is better that you hide your IP address and preserve your privacy and remain anonymous while surfing the internet.

There are different ways by which you can hide your IP Address when surfing the internet but the two main ways by which you can remain anonymous and still use the internet without any restriction are using a VPN and using a proxy server. Keep in mind that there is no 100% assurance that you will remain completely anonymous when using these methods because your activity and IP address may still be recorded by the service that you’re using to hide your IP address.


You can use VPN software to hide your IP Address. VPNs reroute your internet connection through another server located anywhere in the world, so instead of your real IP, the IP address of the other server will be shown to everyone.

VPNs have become very popular nowadays and they do a pretty good job of hiding your IP address, making you anonymous and securing your connection so, no one is able to track what you’re doing on the internet.

Proxy Server

You can also use a proxy server to hide your IP Address. When you use a proxy server then your requests are processed through the proxy server and after processing, those requests return to your device.

A proxy server can be considered as an intermediate between your device and the internet. When you use a proxy server then the IP address of the proxy server will be shown instead of your real IP and hence your privacy and anonymity will be conserved.